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"SynthetixAI: Transforming DeFi with Intelligent Insights and Security"

SynthetixAI is a groundbreaking integration of artificial intelligence within the SynthetiX protocol, aimed at revolutionizing the DeFi landscape.

SynthetiX is a layer-2 built on Ethereum chain. SynthetiX creates an open space for experimentation, which has led to the emergence of thousands of decentralized applications, with a wide variety of different use cases such as.

  1. Creates token under SynthetiX network: users can create token and use $STX as the payment of gas fees and contract deployment fee.

  2. Transfer fee between wallets: $STX can also be used for users to make transfers between wallets

  3. Generate premium AI images / chats by subscribing through Synthetix Bot (t.me/@SynthetixaiBot & t.me/@SynthetixaiChatBot)

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